Essay about The History of Guns in America

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The History of Guns in America

What is the importance of the gun? The gun is one of the most important tools in the defense of our nation. Guns are responsible for a lot of death and injuries, but these things were going on before the existence of the gun. Guns aren't the reason for the death and injuries, they are just a means to it. They are tools and an engineering marvel of our age. The gun has evolved from a simple weapon that caused limited destruction to the modern gun that is so fast and powerful it is capable of mass destruction. Through the evolution of the gun, it has become a political tool.

The first guns used in America were a simple machine where the person did most of the work. The user measured and put the powder
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Early bullets were designed to be placed in this new loading system. The classic way of having the powder and pellets separate was too slow and messy. This early design of the bullet is very similar to the simple modern one. It had a metal casing with powder placed behind the pellets or in some cases one large pellet (Hogg 54). With these being loaded from the side on the new rifles they were capable of firing a shot much faster then the gun of a hundred years earlier. Even though the gun had become more powerful the Civil War was still a political war.

Next, the first truly automatic gun was invented and that was the Gatling Gun. It was built back in the late 1880's and was capable of firing hundreds of shots per minute. Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling took the ideas others of a fully automatic gun to the next step and made it work well. His gun had a constant feed of bullets that did not stop firing until its cartridge was empty. The gun used several barrels so that none of the barrels would overheat from constant use (Hogg 85-86). It was however a stationary gun. His gun was a great success. It was the first automatic weapon and was first one capable of killing mass numbers.

Next in the development of machine guns came the Maxim, the machine gun with only one barrel. This gun with a belt of bullets that fed in one side and the empty belt came out the other side. It used the explosion from the bullets firing to load the next bullet. With the use of different

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