Essay on The History of Hitler and the Nazi Regime

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The History of Hitler and the Nazi Regime In the Second World War, a man named Adolph Hitler, the leader of the infamous Nazi regime, had a plethora of things on his mind. From guarding the stricken land of Poland against Soviet advancement, to making sure the western shores of the Atlantic Ocean in France were closely guarded, Hitler had much to worry about. Unfortunately, it was during Hitler’s reign when a most horrible atrocity took place. Adolph Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 in a small hamlet named Braunau Am Inn, just across the border from German Bavaria. Hitler’s childhood was often riddled with abuse and physical beatings. His family lived in a small farmhouse with 10 other people. Because of this, Adolph’s older…show more content…
In 1920, Hitler modified a common ancient symbol to form the swastika, or twisted cross, as a symbol for his party. He then changed the name of the party to the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, or, in the shortened German form, the NAZI party (Keegan 65). By 1921, the Nazi party had over 3000 members, mostly drawing in large numbers of ultra-conservatives from Munich. In late 1921, Hitler traveled to Berlin to try and find more members for his party, but quickly returned, for the members of his party had signed a coup, which attempted to try and overthrow Hitler. Offended, Hitler resigned his position, only to be asked to join again two weeks later. He knew the party was nothing without him (Gilber 54). Between 1921 and 1923, Germany had collapsed into financial ruin. Germany was presented with a 33 billion dollar bill, as reparations as a result of World War I. Inflation hit the roof, and the economy was finished. It took 4 billion marks to buy a loaf of bread. Life savings were completely wiped out. As a result, riots broke out. These riots incited extremist political groups into action, quickly bringing Germany to the brink of chaos. In 1923, the Nazi’s had a party population of 55,000 members, far more than any extremist group vying for power. Hitler, knowing this, devised a plan, in which the Nazi’s would kidnap the leaders of the Bavarian government, and hold them at gunpoint until they accepted Hitler as their leader. The kidnapping was
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