Essay on The History of Islamic Political Ideas

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In past 20years, political role of Islam increased considerably which resulted in overgrown interest in finding the history of Islamic political ideas existing in medieval Muslim society. The evaluation of ideas enabled it to find out the development of mechanism known as ‘Muslim society’ and discover its functioning as an efficient government. Among many Islamic schools of ideas, Al-ghazali is also one of those renowned Islamic scholars who gave his ideas regarding efficient government and political system.
Al-Ghazali was born at Ghazzalah near Tuss in 1058.He is one of the renowned and distinguished philosophers in the history of human thought. He is considered as Mujaddid and also considered as imam among the four Imams. His thoughts regarding the political issues have still great influence upon the modern age.
The analysis of his ideas regarding political issues reveals that he was a free thinker. He preferred suni tradition. Most likely he devoted his work to suni jurist and moralists. He encountered the problem of how to strengthen united Muslims and their state. So he worked on the problems of political centralization.
It will be better to understand the problems encountered by al-Ghazali before understanding political theory given by him.
Problems faced by Al-Ghazali:
No aspect of the political theory of Ghazali will be complete without analyzing the condition of Muslim world at that time. Firstly the caliphate of Abbasid was in state of…