The History of Jews in the United States of America: Why and when did they migrate?

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The History of Jews in the United States of America. Why and when did they migrate? The history of Jews in the United States of America is a long and arduous one. This relationship began in the first week of September 1654, when 23 Jewish immigrants landed at New Amsterdam, the Dutch colony ( Now known as Manhattan), and was immediacy ask to leave by the then governor Peter Stuyvesant, for as he said they should not be allowed to infest the new colony,(Schappes 9). The Jews immigrants refused and was later granted permission by the Dutch West India Company to stay , travel and trade. However, the major migration of Jews to the United States of America took place in three waves mainly known as the German period of immigrants1850-1870,…show more content…
This was made worst by the oppressive rule of political tyrants and the defeat of the revolution in 1848. (Schnapps 65). The second wave, the Eastern Europe migration took place (1881-1924),this saw many Jews migrating from Russia and its territories due to the political persecution that they received after the assassination of, Czar Alexander II In 1881 for which the Jews were blamed , This lead to the deterioration of living and working conditions for the Jews. Following the assassination, mass rebellions broke out and the situation in Russia became anarchic and chaotic for everyone. Pogroms broke out everywhere, mainly in the form of looting; some murders and rapes were also committed. Decades of persecution against the Jewish population followed. This upheaval of anti-Semitism coupled with deplorable economic conditions was the reason 2 millions of Jews from Eastern Europe came to the USA In addition laws were passed that punished the Jews for the pogroms. This led to restrictions on Jewish landownership, prohibited Jews from living in villages, and the number of Jews studying in secular schools was limited to 10% in the Pale of Settlement and 3-5% everywhere else. These laws were strictly applied by the police, which lead to the Jews being embittered to the Russian society. Subsequently In 1891, Jews were systemically expelled from Moscow in 1891 The third wave of Jewish migration took place during (1945-60)

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