The History of Judaism Essay

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History of Judaism

a. Israel
Basic Judaism is Israel's existence and calls as well as membership by birth , although the door is open also for proselytes . There is no evidence that Judaism understands the OT teachings about the existence of ' the rest ' . Motto that ' All Israel will inherit the world who will come ' is generally accepted . Only apostasy ( a term which means not steady ) is usually considered to be the only barrier to enjoy it .
In this environment everyone is a brother Israelite . Despite differences in social levels that are prevalent in society was never denied, in the presence of God depends on one's level of knowledge of the Torah and fulfillment. So in the services in the synagogue leader qualification is piety , knowledge and ability . The rabbi is not a priest or pastor . ' Dedication ' rabi solely based on the recognition of the church , that the rabbi was an expert in the law , and based on that he should act as a judge . So the rabbi is that those who know the law and who know teach well , and he was recognized by some rabbis who have got recognition , or in things which are recognized by the church extraordinary . All of it was enough to make a person legally become a rabbi .
The woman was seen at the bottom position of a man , because women under the power of her husband . Also considered are not able to execute certain commands of the Torah . But basically Judaism has always maintained the meaning of Gen 2:18 and defend the dignity of women…

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