The History of Judaism Essay

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History of Judaism a. Israel Basic Judaism is Israel's existence and calls as well as membership by birth , although the door is open also for proselytes . There is no evidence that Judaism understands the OT teachings about the existence of ' the rest ' . Motto that ' All Israel will inherit the world who will come ' is generally accepted . Only apostasy ( a term which means not steady ) is usually considered to be the only barrier to enjoy it . In this environment everyone is a brother Israelite . Despite differences in social levels that are prevalent in society was never denied, in the presence of God depends on one's level of knowledge of the Torah and fulfillment. So in the services in the synagogue leader qualification is piety ,…show more content…
' olam ha - Zeh ( ' world ' ) expressly distinguished from the ' olam ha - ba ' ( ' the world who will come ' ) . The last one is always seen ( except members who diaspora in western bg because more Hellenistic ) associated with this earth . Both of them - ' this world ' and ' the world who will come ' - linked by the ' Age Messiah ' who is always seen as a period that is limited . c . Torah Presumably Pharisees are in the middle position between the class of Sadducees who rejected the authority of the Books of the Prophet ( although not reject its value ) , with a very distinguished group of Qumran Testament Scriptures respecting the authority of the Prophet , the Prophet books of origin was in the hands of the interpreter who interprets worthy . The Pharisees looked at the books of the Prophet as a review which is inspired by God of the Torah, the Pentateuch , which for them is a statement that God's will is perfect and final . The main reason they reject Christ , and why they demanded a sign of Christ , because He is relying on the authority of his existing , not existing in Moses . The rabbi upholds role and value of the law , so it is believed the disclosure and justification of the existence of Israel . It was only later , after Judaism for a church that increasingly prevail , given the position of cosmic law and recognition of its existence before the creation of the world , so the role of the
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