The History of Mail and the Postal System

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History of Mail Mail is a system of transporting documents and small packages or even written messages such as seasonal greetings and other. The first documentation of a mail service is dated back to Egypt when the pharaohs used carriers to send their decrees of territories. Persia was the first to have a real postal system which dates to Cyrus the Great at 550 BC. They used stations (Chapar-Khaneh), the carriers (Chapars) would go from post to post swapping tired horse for a fresh horse so they could deliver that much faster. 322-185 B.C. India developed there early mail system there chariots that they would use to cart around the mail was called a “Dagana”. The carries were used for military purposes by kings and local rulers to deliver information through runners or carriers. The postmaster was responsible for the maintenance of the courier system which also delivered personal letter. Indian Post Office was established October 1, 1837. B.C.-A.D. 220 China had relay stations every 15 kilometers (30 Li, which was the Chinese measurement that they used) along the major routes. The tang dynasty was said to have 1,640 posthouses, that including maritime office, which employed a grand total around 20,000 people. The postal network was a major part of the later corruption of the Ming dynasty. The first well-documented postal service was in Rome (62 B.C.-A.D.14) during the time of Augustus Caesar, the service was called cursus publicus and was provided with light
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