The History of Management Essay

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Management in business is the coordination of people to accomplish set goals efficiently and effectively. It comprises of planning, organising, staffing, leading, and controlling an organisation. Management itself is also an academic discipline, a social science whose object of study is social organisation in order to accomplish a mutual goal.
Since the dawning of civilisation, the value of the collaboration of people has been identified as a powerful method of advancement in all areas. The need, therefore, to organise people and resources was clearly evident. The concept of ‘management’ has grown over thousands of years and various management methods have also evolved in tandem. The historical progression of human civilisation is largely down to the knowledge acquired through the implementation of various management methods over time.
As the Spanish-American philosopher, George Santayana (1863 - 1952) theorised:
“Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
The purpose of this report is to investigate management theory in the context of how it evolved over time and how it is put into operation in modern-day architectural practices. In order to analyse and discuss the topics thoroughly the…