The History of Metallica Essay

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The History of Metallica As the nineteen seventies came to a close so did many of the musical styles of that decade. While some faced what seemed to be extinction others went through a sort of evolutionary process. The bands that were at the top of the heavy metal ladder during this time were such acts as Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and Tygers of Pan Tang. These groups would be just some of what the new crop of heavy metal bands would consider inspirational. This style, which is typically referred to as "The New Wave of British Heavy Metal," would fuel and empower many acts to stardom. (Marshall 3) At around this time, almost halfway across the world, Lars Ulrich got his first drum set in his home in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was…show more content…
After graduation James moved back to Downey and was offered a place to live by his friend Ron McGovney. Ron's mother owned several houses, and the vacant one James would be moving into was doubled as a rehearsal space since Ron was learning how to play the bass guitar. (Doughton 15-16) As nineteen eighty one rolled around both James and Lars were looking for musicians that shared the same taste in music they each had. Lars decided to place an advertisement in a South California paper called "The Recycler." The only other ad that came close was James' and so the two decided to meet. Their first practice together was anything but smooth, considering the fact that Lars was still learning and could not even keep his drum set upright. (Krgin 51) Even though Lars was clearly unprepared to make a career out of music he had made some connections. He befriended a man named Brian Slagel, who was in the process of forming his own record company named Metal Blade Records. Brian was in the middle of doing a compilation project where his goal was to expose up and coming bands to the general public. He pretty much guaranteed Lars a spot on his project if Lars could form a band. Lars got the information back to James and so they decided to give it a try. James, Lars, Ron, and a friend, guitarist Lloyd Grant went into a recording studio and recorded what would be Metallica's first song, "Hit The Lights." Slagel was clearly impressed and did not hesitate to place
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