The History of Music Styles

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A study of the history of music styles brings to the fore two distinct periods, Baroque and Classical. The purpose of this essay is to provide a comparison between the two musical eras through the exploration of two different composers and their works, namely Antonio Vivaldi and his Four Seasons ‘Spring’ in the maximized Baroque era and the minimalist approaches of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony. Moreover this essay will review the unique social, cultural, technological an musical elements of each period to determine the ways in which these factors influenced the works and styles of their respective composers.

Paragraph 1 – Social:
The social characteristics of an era are strongly influential to the attitudes that composers had towards composing their works and the approaches that they took when doing so. **Maybe find a quote about how social factors can influence the composition of music*** During the Baroque period, composers were perceived as inferiors and treated like servants by the aristocrats, thus being expected to cater to their musical whims, often at a moment’s notice. Musical directors were paid generously, however this came with a price. They were held responsible for a vast variety of tasks, including not only the composition of music but also the maintenance of instruments and music library, overseeing performances and disciplining musicians. Court musicians often earned more and were wealthier than Church musicians, and so many of
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