The History of Nursing Essay

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The History of Nursing
Many people believe that Nursing started with Florence Nightingale, however nursing itself dates back to the beginnings of motherhood when nurses were traditionally female. In fact, nursing and medicine have been closely intertwined throughout the ages. The history of nursing has its origins in the care of infants and children, so all mothers were in fact nurses. Gradually an evolution started developing into dedicated caregivers who practiced the art. In fact, nursing has been called the oldest of arts and the youngest of professions.
When it became apparent that love and nurturing alone were not enough to cure disease, the need for a more educated framework for
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In 1860, Florence's dream was finally realized when the Nightingale Training School for Nurses opened. This was the first formal, fully organized training program for nurses. Graduates of the program went into the four corners of the world to teach other nurses and were highly sought by hospitals. While Florence Nightingale did not invent the profession of nursing, she was a living memorial to it and forever will have a place and influence in the history of nursing.

World History of Nursing
Since the beginnings of time, nursing has been shaped by different cultures and societies and by the changes within those societies. The word nursing derives its meaning from the Latin word nutricius which means nourishing. Therefore, in the ancient world nursing was viewed as a role of caring for the family and not a profession.
In the world history of nursing, roots can be traced to religion, mythology, and Eastern and Western societies. The ancient Egyptians utilized perhaps the first formal nurses, hiring them to assist in childbirth. It is from these beginnings that today's midwives evolved.
Among the Greeks and Romans, it was believed that gods and goddesses influenced healing. There was a deity for almost every human biological function. The women of the family of Asklepios were mythological nurses. The world's history of nursing records Hygeia as being the goddess of health. In the Roman Empire, Roman noblewomen cared for the sick.

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