The History of Opium in China

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Tracing back in Chinese history, opium and china were considered to be strongly connected. It was commonly used for enjoyment and to relieve the “boredom” of life. The smokers would gather around in a room spending pleasant time passing the pipe around with their fellow friends and family. Such praise for this substance made it easy to say that opium was part of the Chinese life and culture for a very long time. Opium has had an extensive past in the Chinese community. This element was first presented to China by Arab brokers as a medicine in the eighth century. Nevertheless, because opium was quite unusual and thus making it very expensive, it affected mainly adolescent men of rich families, among whom it meant as a status symbol. In the early19th century, opium was mostly dominant among the social leaders. However, over the years opium has made its way from the high class to the lowest class of the Chinese society. Smokers celebrated the occasion as it provided friendly time with other fellow smokers. Most of the time, it was healthier to gather around with friends rather than smoking on one's own because such symptoms like depression may occur in the user. Smokers often declared that the use of opium was a perfect way to make new friends. The intake of opium was considered as an art, a formal needing material of human qualities. For example, beginners received the individual attention of constant smokers for the arrangement of an opium pipe that required
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