The History of Public Relations Essay

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The History of Public Relations

     The act of public relations dates back to 52 B.C.E. in ancient Rome and continues on

today all around the world. Public relations is defined as the controlling factor that searches to

form and maintain relationships between organizations, profit or non-profit and the public that

are beneficial for both parties (Bates). The age of public relations as a profession evolved in the

20th Century, mainly in the United States, but its foundation can be followed throughout the age

of man. The practice of public relations is dedicated to complete honesty and openness in its

communications and operations. Over time, the force of professional
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With this, the French gained support for the French Revolution from the public.

     Many proficient public relations writers arose from England’s American colonies. Such

legendary experts include Samuel Adams, John Jay, Paul Revere, and Benjamin Franklin. These

men used preaching, meetings, newspapers, pamphlets, committees, and written communication

to persuade the public to support their cause. The Federalist Papers, written by Alexander

Hamilton, James Madison, and Jay in 1787 to 1788, won public approval of the Constitution by

publishing to the press. Other great works that paved the way for the public relations field are,

the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

     Public relations, though used throughout history, has just made an imprint on U.S.

society in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century as a profession. With the

building of a corporate world in the late 19th century, public relations blossomed. It was not long

that many employers discovered that their employees have a voice and how the public views

their business may be detrimental to their sales. The war between employer and employee

would soon be over with the establishment of press bureaus. These press bureaus would manage

the dispersal of news in their favor and unfavorable to their

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