The History of Race Discrimination

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Racism has been a social issue for centuries in history, and the situation of it has been up and down a couple of times during the past few centuries. Speaking from my personal perspective, the issue of racism has been solved well than ever comparing with how bad this problem had been in other time periods in history. However, the improvement of elimination of racism is still not enough to solve this historical problem. Hierarchy exists in all kinds of creature’s social systems as one of the basic elements of composing the whole social structure. According to literary theorist Kenneth Burke, humans are symbol-using animal. We have the ability to build symbols such as language and use them to judge and evaluate the world. Sadly, we use this gifted ability to invent the world “race” and discriminate all the other people who do not belong to certain so-called advanced group. Yet animals other than human being have hierarchy as well, most of them mark their boundaries of class by gender or their obligation towards the whole family rather than color of their skins. It’s a shame on human race that we cannot even handle differently skin colors. We consider ourselves as high-intelligent, well-developed animal. Our history is full of examples where the rights of individuals and of groups were not respected. In fact, we have sacrificed hundreds of thousands lives fighting for the issues of race and discrimination till today, and it is still not solved completely. The history of race
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