The History of Rock and Roll Music Essay

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The 1960s were the "classic" age of rock music. The main sub-genres were defined in the 1960s. The paradigm of rock music as the "alternative" to commercial pop music was established in the 1960s. Wild experimentation alloweds rock musicians to explore a range of musical styles that few musicians had attempted before 1966. Captain Beefheart and the Velvet Underground also created a different kind of rock music within rock music, a different paradigm within the new paradigm, one that will influence alternative musicians for decades. More than musical giants like Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, humble musicians like Captain Beefheart, the Velvet Underground and the Red Crayola may be the true heroes of the 1960s. A black man …show more content…
They followed his dreams. Dillon had turned rock music into an expression of the ambitions of youth.

Around this time commercial rock music completely changed as it hit the coast of California. This change came in the form of surf music. The beach boys had taken rock music and put a spin on it with vocal harmonies. While before rock music was a way of fighting the system California turned it into a music all about having fun at the beaches and parties.

By the 60’s the times were ready for change but something drastic still needed to happen. England would become a major part of American rock. In England Mersey-beat was born. Mersey beat was rock but with history behind it. From this came bands like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Yardbirds, The Animals, and many others.

The Rolling stones became the sensation throughout England. They’re first record became one of the most successful singles of the era. The yard birds were the most experimental of them all. Out of the Yardbirds came three of the best guitarists in history: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimi Page. The second generation of the 60’s created the Kinks and The Who. Both went on to record concept albums and "rock operas" that paraphrased the British operetta at the sound of rock music. Then in the Mid 60’s The Cream and Led Zeppelin brought change with a louder, harder blues rock mix. Cream had very long solos and Led Zeppelins fast riffs. This was truly