The History of Sino-Soviet Relations Essay

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I. Introduction
The history of Sino-Soviet relations can be traced back hundreds of years, starting with the initial Mongol invasion and devastation of the Kievan Rus’ principalities in the mid-thirteenth century. With time, the rise of the Russian Empire and Czarist rule reversed the infrastructural and cultural destruction caused by the Mongol hordes; by the advent of the twentieth century, the reformed Russian state had begun encroaching on Chinese territory while holding a very strong, influential grasp on the slowly collapsing Imperial Chinese regime. However, with the success of the Russian Revolution in 1917, the creation of the Soviet Union, and the institution of a communist government and administration, the nature of Sino-Soviet relations transformed, starting with a temporary ease of pressure as Russia dealt with an intranational conflict. The reorganized international ideology of the Soviet state presented China with distinct changes in foreign policy. As China was experiencing a similar, internal revolution pertaining to communism and the continuation of the present, national government, many Chinese adhered to the Soviet principles of denouncing capitalistic intentions while promoting ethnic nationalism. Additionally, the endorsement of a worldwide revolution led to the development of a friendly relationship between the Soviet government and Chinese Nationalist forces; thus, the Soviets urged the Chinese Communist Party to coalesce with the Nationalists.…