Essay on The History of Slavery

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Slavery has a lot of effects on African Americans today. History of slavery is marked for civil rights. Indeed, slavery began with civilization. With farming’s development, war could be taken as slavery. Slavery that lives in Western go back 10,000 years to Mesopotamia. Today, most of them move to Iraq, where a male slave had to focus on cultivation. Female slaves were as sexual services for white people also their masters at that time, having freedom only when their masters died. In South American countries, during the period from late 19th and early 20th centuries, requirement for making the labor to be more focused harvesting of rubber, expansion and slavery in Latin America and somewhere else. Original people were changed as …show more content…
The changing from indentured servants to racial slavery gradually happened. Only a percentage of the African slavery brought to the New World ended up in British North America about 5%. Most of the slaves went by ships across the Atlantic were sent to Caribbean sugar colonies, Brazil or maybe Spanish America. In the 1680s, slaves of African were imported to English colonies with considerable numbers. Also in that time, British farmers in the northern colonies were buying slavery with great numbers too. Slavery in North America was changing. Even though there were blacks, half if black and white people and America were born slave owners in some colonies in the Americas, and many white did not own slaves. In the Americas, chattel slavery was basically different from other parts of the world because of the original dimension. Like somewhere in the world, slaves often have a same or similar culture as the slave owners. An old slave could spread freely into society. A generation later, their former slave status would be forgotten. Otherwise, slavery was the important effect to promote causes of the Civil War. Approximately, in one Southern family has four held slaves to war. According to the 1860 in the United Stated, about 385,000 individuals owned one or more slaves. About of black people lived in the South, including one third of the population there as protested to 1% of the population of the