The History of Soccer in Brazil Essay

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The greatest footballing country on the planet is Brazil. Brazil is a country that wins 80% of its football matches. They have a record five Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cups, eight Confederação Sul-Americana de Futebol (CONMEBOL) Copa Ameríca titles, and three FIFA Confederations Cup titles have created a football giant. How did a country on the periphery like Brazil become so dominant? What were the patterns of continuity and change that created this footballing leviathan? How did this sport transcend individual cultures and cultural regions? What were the significant social, political, and economic ramifications for all of the people involved? Brazil’s dominance in football is an indirect result…show more content…
Brazilwood was a key product for Portuguese trade. But the focus on timber would soon change. Cash crops in the form of sugar cane production became the focus. Slavery was needed for the growing of sugar cane and replaced the unsuccessful usage of native people for labor. “Regular slave trade between Brazil and Africa was begun in the 1550s as a temporary measure to replace the Indians decimated by war and disease, but it lasted for over 300 years, and the institution of slavery persisted until 1889, Brazil being the last country of the American hemisphere to abolish it.” The agricultural focus of sugar cane changed to coffee bean production in the late 19th century. As coffee began to take off, slavery was abolished. With the influx of Africans halted, foreign immigration was promoted. This would have a profound effect on the societal make-up of the colony. Mass migrations were already occurring as the Portuguese had established their minute South American empire. Between 1884 and 1920 three million immigrants, mainly Italian, entered the country. Portuguese, Germans, Italians, Spanish, Britons, the descendants of African slaves and the products of racial mixtures of Brazilian Indians, Europeans, and Africans would be the kin of those who football would become entrenched within. Football first arrived on the shores of Brazil in 1864. British soldiers on shore leave kicked the ball around on their free time.
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