The History of Texas

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There were several extremely fascinating aspects regarding the history of Texas found in Passionate Nation's pages 195-219 and Major Problems in Texas History's pages 146-150 and 162-167. One of the most salient of these was the fact that Texas was its own independent nation. This fact was fairly startling for a number of different reasons. One of these is the fact that the United States allowed another nation to be created within its borders. This is something rarely done in history, and probably never done again in the history of the United States.
What is also amazing about this fact is that the Republic of Texas was officially recognized as a nation during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Jackson, one of the most notorious executive office veto users to ever act as Ppesident of the United States, did not recognize Texas as its own independent nation until the final day of his presidency. However, Jackson staunchly vetoed the attempts of the Cherokee people to form their own nation prior to the Trail of Tears, largely due to the fact that he thought it highly imprudent to allow another nation to exist within the borders of the U.S. In fact, the Cherokee Nation took its case to the Supreme Court, and actually won chief justice Marshall ruled in favor of them. Yet Jackson still refused to recognize that nation, because it was within the borders of the U.S. Yet when a nation formed that predominantly consisted of Anglos, he recognized it despite the fact that it also

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