The History of The People's Temple Essay

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The Peoples Temple During the mid 1950’s to early 1960’s, the African American Civil Rights Movement was in it’s prime time. Colored men and women were being discriminated and were being mistreated almost everywhere they went. By human nature, it would be ideal to fit in and be accepted for who you are, not for your color of skin. This was the perfect time for The Peoples Temple to come into play, starting off as a small church with a religious movement, the church gained a huge amount of followers from African Americans. Colored men and women felt comfortable joining this church with the main reason of equality. The Peoples Temple apparently offered equality and preached for socialism and that is what the followers of the movement…show more content…
With the mindset to gain funds for his goals, Jones started importing monkeys from South America and went from door to door around his neighborhood trying to sell them for 29$ each monkey. Although he sold some monkeys and made a bit of cash, other kids in the neighborhood thought of Jones as a joke and bullied him by throwing rocks while he was trying to make his transactions (Reiterman 46). After receiving enough funds to form his own church, he created it on 1956 in Indianapolis and started it off by naming it “Wings of Deliverance”. This was Jones first big step towards his soon to be cult, after a couple of days of his new church, he renamed it to “The Peoples Temple” (Reiterman 50). Since this was only the beginning of the new movement, Jones only had a follower count in the twenties. Fast forward a few years later and Jones is moving up in followers by the hundreds and sooner or later reaches the thousands. Jones gained a great amount of followers by persuading them and convincing them that he was somebody who he really was not. He came off as a great guy by doing good and supportive actions for the community, however, he was the complete opposite. The Peoples Temple included a variety of Lee 3 ages and races because of Jones powerful public speaking abilities that convinced people that he was the truth. Deborah Layton who was a former member of The Peoples Temple and
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