The History of Tuberculosis

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INTRODUCTION Tuberculosis also known as ‘Tuber Bacillus’ is a deadly, infectious disease which primarily impacts on the lungs which is called pulmonary TB. TB can also impact on the other parts of the body including the Brain, kidneys and bones which is called non – pulmonary TB. The disease of TB is caused in humans mainly from a bacterium called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis was first described by Robert Koch as unusual with waxy coating on its cell surface. TB can also affect the cattle from a bacterium called Mycobacterium Bovis. Evidences show us that Tuberculosis has been in our society for at least 15,000 years now. We get to know this by the traces of tuberculosis in mummies. In 460 BC this disease was…show more content…
TREATMENTS Medication is one of the easiest ways to treat TB. Treating TB takes much longer than other types of bacterial infections. It usually takes about 6 -9 months of continuous use of antibiotics. Patients age, overall health and drug resistance, type of TB and where infection is located determines which drug is suitable for the patient. Treatments for Latent TB If the patient is suffering from latent TB it means the patient ha mycobacterium Tuberculosis bacterium in his body, but they are inactivated. To treat TB infection it is most important that the patient consults their doctor. Most common medicine used for this type of TB is isoniazid (INH. In most of the cases this medicine would take about 6 months (if taken regularly) to kill all the inactivated bacterium. Side effects of Isoniazid Stomach pain, yellow skin or eyes, dark urine, rash, fever, tingling in the fingers or toes, vomiting and loss of appetite. To prevent these side effects the doctor may give the patient pyridoxine (vitamin B6) tablets. Treatments for TB disease Pulmonary TB To treat TB disease doctors usually prescribe a mixture of four antibiotics. These antibiotics are – 1. Isoniazid 2. Rifampicin 3. Pyrazinamide 4. Ethambutol At the beginning of the treatment doctors recommend patients to stay at home so they don’t pass this disease on to other. But
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