Essay on The History of Veterinary Medicine

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The history of veterinary medicine dates back to the earliest of times. Early in time it was not considered a science, but referred to as an art. This was a crude and sometimes barbaric practice. It was not until the ancient Romans that the treatment of animals became more serious. However even then their understanding was still at the very basic level of comprehension, with their entire focus on the maintenance of military horses, which led to the development of farriers. The largest advancement did not come until the 1400's to the 1700's thru the accumulate understanding of anatomy of animals and even people and the development of veterinary science and the founding of the first School of Veterinary Medicine in Lyons France. The …show more content…
The final and most important link between the development of the first Veterinary school is Veterinary Medicine is the only female dominated professional career field within our current point in history. The development of the veterinarian field has had a large and instrumental impact on our society today, with the largest impact seen on women of our current modern society. It wasn’t until the great artist Leonardo da Vinci studied the anatomy animals did the understanding of these creatures begin to truly develop. “Among his works are marvelous drawings of the external anatomical appearances and behavioral characteristics of humans, horses, oxen, and cats” (Dunlop, 1996, p.237). da Vinci thru-out his life evolved in to drawing the internal structures of a wide variety of animals. This was the first in-depth look into the working structures, as well as a basic comprehension of the internal structures of different species. Leonardo’s work ultimately helped pave the road for the first truly significant publication on veterinary anatomy, a textbook based on the anatomical properties of the horse called Dell Anatomia et dell' Infirmita del Cavallo ( On the Anatomy and Diseases of the Horse), by Carlo Ruini Jr.. Because of the in-depth work of Ruini other scholars began working on the structures and anatomical qualities of other animal,

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