The History of Whiskey Essay

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Whiskey is known for being the second most popular alcoholic drink in the U.S. , its also known for being popular in other countries such as Australia, Canada, Danish, Germany and Japan. The year that whiskey came around was in the years of 1536, and 1541. The history of whiskey came from the country of Germany, but before then it came from Mesotopia, and came from Corn Whiskey is the most popular whiskey worldwide. The other countries that whiskey is exported from is Scotland and France, mostly other countries, but its usually those two countries. In Australia theres a main event that happens every year, and that’s the World Whiskies Awards and theres also Jim Murrays Whiskey Bible, “liquid Gold Awards”. The ingredients…show more content…
Jack Daniels is the most famous and the worlds top number one whisky drink of all time! Its originally made from America and is the best selling whisky. America produces more than a billion things of Jack Daniels every year to other countries, mostly the ones that buy the other different types of whisky. Jack Daniels is a brand of sour mash Tennessee whisky, which is owned by a company called the Brown Forman Corporation. Jack Daniels was actually made from a guy named, Jack Daniels, and was founded in Lynchburg Tennessee in the date of 1875, and has always been a famous company since then. The original name of Jack Daniel is Jasper Newton, he was also born on the date of 1850. Jack was taken by a local lay preacher that dealed and made moonshine. His father by the name of Calaway Daniel fought in the civil war, but he died, so Jack had to be fostered by the preacher who practically raised him. By 1880 the Jack Daniels company was one of the other fifteen other company’s best selling company’s in the world. In 1910 Jack Daniels whisky became legal in the state of Tennessee, but had to go through a test and eventually there was a thing created in the state of Tennessee called the “Tennessee Supreme Court”, which led up to a constitutional law. In 1911 Jack Daniels died from blood poisoning, but there was an old tale that Jack actually kicked his safe at work so hard that it bruised his toe to where the point that the blood flow
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