Essay about The History of Windmills

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All day working, for what? In a couple years there will be an invention to do it in a couple of seconds. Every second someone’s imagination is working to make life easier. One of the most unappreciated inventions in technology is the windmill or wind turbine. You may wonder how the windmill has affected life as it is today or if it has even affected it. To answer this, you’ll have to look at the history of windmills.
Early sailors were the first ones conceptualize the windmill. They were able to imagine what wind power could do, but did not have the knowledge of resources to explain the logic or physics behind the windmill, they just had the concept. But nonetheless with time, the idea of wind power then evolved to form the windmill. “It is uncertain who came up with the idea, but its purpose is to function in everyday life. Remains of windmills have been found in Ancient Mesopotamia and Persia (Higgins, p.12).” Windmills have been used by the earliest of people. They used it to grind grain which in turn helped mass production of food to help the population growth. Before the invention of the windmill this job was done by hand, which consumed much a lot of time. Nowadays wind turbines are used to generate electricity.
The design of the windmill has also transformed. Earlier designs were called vertical axis. A vertical axis windmill is one that stands vertically with the panels rotating in a horizontal motion. Overtime, it changed to a horizontal…

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