The History of Women´s Right

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Before the 19th century women suffered a great deal of abhorrence, relegation, discrimination and subjugation. The traditional woman roles were limited to the categorical imperatives of society. Women lacked equality and humanistic significance based on these roles as a domesticated woman. The types of jobs accessible were being a housewife, producing children, being maids, a secretary, and anything else considered an inferior occupation subjected under the dominated males, particularly in the European and American societies. The sheer scope of American social patterns and local policies separated men and women; but the ones that suffered the consequences of those outlooks were women. There was the recurrent mental and physical maltreatment and ill-willed abuse, which was complicated for women to oppose because society conditioned women to be vulnerable. Additionally, perhaps many women feared the possible consequences to their opposition, such as total isolation from male members of the family, possible religious punishment, and social shunning. Fortunately, there was a revolutionary movement that altered the benign traditional roles that brought much profit, which enabled women to step out of the traditional gender roles and into androgynous roles; that movement was worldly known as the Enlightenment era. The Enlightenment was a cultural movement of reasoning and intellect which began in the late 17th century in Europe emphasizing individualism and reasoning rather than
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