Essay on The History of Wresling

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When I was a Freshman, I was curious about the sport of Wrestling. When I tried out for it, I was eager to learn more about it. It is not just rolling around on the mat it is a form of combat using grappling techniques such as throws, takedowns, pins, holds, and joint locks. In addition into this sport, there are a variety of ways to use these grappling techniques. Wrestling has many rich memories of it is history with a variety of wrestling styles and rules.
Wrestling can be traced back to cave drawings during the ancient times. According to one source,”... wrestling has been around since people started to recorded history. In France there are cave drawings of people that are wrestling that are about 15,000 years old. The Egyptian and Babylonian people had wrestling bouts that were using most of the same grappling techniques, and throws that we know today (Wrestling History). The sport of wrestling came from ancient Greece. It was used as an exercise to train Greek soldiers for battle. Ever since then, the sport has changed dramatically (Different).
Wrestling is the oldest competitive sport in recorded history. According to one source,”... they wrestled in the nude covered in olive oil so they can put sand on them for protection from the sun. More wrestling styles than ever before. Some of those styles haven’t changed since they were first thought of, but many of them have their unique set of rules, and moves depending on their location (Different). In ancient Greece,…