The History of the Belgian Congo

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Only to be kicked out of office just a few weeks after their independence. Six months later Lumumba to be assassinated. When Lumumba came into office, it was a time where the Anti-colonial movement reached its peak. “It is a staggering example of what the Western ruling classes are capable of when their vital interests are threatened. Assassination then becomes a useful measure, a possible solution.” (Kanza XXV) Lumumba’s assassination binds together that a self-proclaimed European mental hierarchy that created the basis of Africa. Frightened by Lumumba not only as a well rounded man who loved his job and who he worked for and also being a supporter of the Anti-colonial movement. But as an African Male whose ego became the best of him, he had the chance to gain the loyalty of many and be able to pin-point the struggles and goals in their everyday lives.
“The Congo crisis is due to just one man, Patrice Lumumba” (Hochschild 49)
He had the Ability to change everyone's lives because of the power he had. The chance to spread and promote democracy among the people while also spreading equality among them as well.
“Lumumba…advocated a complete decolonisation that would benefit the population as a whole. He had, therefore, to be stopped.”(Kanza XVII)
Belgium reasoned with the problems…
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