The History of the Fall of Rome: Is the United States Also Destined to Fall?

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Between the second century BCE and the first century ACE Rome expanded from a city-state into an empire controlling the Mediterranean Sea, which at the time of the Roman Empire, was the center of the civilized world. As years went by Rome fell. Many people link Rome and the United States together. Rome rose from nothing into a great world power, however, they reached their peak and then fell, much the same, as the United States is today. Rome and the United States are similar in many ways. Rome, at one point, was an advanced civilization that was ruled by a democracy. Also, in the beginning the great Roman Empire was not even a great power, just as the United States was in the 1700’s. During the United States’ rise, however, they…show more content…
While it is true that plagues killed many Roman citizens, this was not the only reason for Rome’s demise. The United States no longer has to worry about the Black Death that is now referred to as three different illnesses, the bubonic plague, most common of the three illnesses, the pneumonic, and the septicemia, which was the most deadly and the most rare form. For the bubonic and pneumonic plagues as there is now a vaccine to take against this murderous illness. Boccaccio said that the victims "ate lunch with their friend and dinner with their ancestors in paradise." The Black Death spread quickly and swiftly from house to house and person to person. Civil wars might have to be one of the worst kinds of wars. A civil war has the ability and power to turn an entire nation against itself. Roman civil wars made Rome weak to foreign invasions and attacks. Countless times nations have been split into two parts. The United States, if faced with civil war, would be forced to recover immediately or drastic changes could come about. For instance, take Korea, in 1948 Korea split into North Korea and South Korea. This started an international controversy between the United States and surrounding countries. In Korea’s weakness, countries tried to influence the minds of leaders to think their way and to join forces with them. This is similar to what would happen to the United States if ever faced with a civil war, again. Foreign and internal attacks would

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