The History of the Islamic World Essay

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The history of the Islamic world has been one of weak state institutions and state underperformance, coupled with a high prevalence of violence, both by the state and by individuals. A major reason for these negative trends has been the role of political Islam in privileging homogeneity over diversity, in stifling dissent in public and private life, and the societal stagnation that follows such rigid controls. Malaysia and Indonesia have been notable exceptions to the underperformance of Islamic cultures.

There are numerous ways in which underperforming governmental institutions fail their citizenry. Institutions can fail in regards to education, economics, the military/police, religion, the social sphere, and through institutional intolerance for cultural diversity.

The role of governmental institutions is to care for citizens by providing freedom from certain events and freedom to participate in others. Governments must provide their citizens with freedom from harm, whether from foreign states, fellow citizens, or the government itself. Institutions must provide citizens with the freedom to gain an education, find sustaining work, socially participate in life, practice religion, express opinions and advocate for change, and overall, live a full, meaningful life. Institutions must maintain stability while offering choices for a better life, be responsive to people’s needs, and interact with and adapt to a changing world. An underperforming state fails its citizens…