The History of the Labor Movement up to the Present

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Research the history of the Labor Movement up to the present. Labor Unions were made to help the worker. The first know labor union was in New York in 1768 when New York Journeymen protested wage agreements ( Staff). Then later in 1794 a bunch of journeymen otherwise known as shoemakers formed together to form what was the first known Union ( Staff). Labor Unions actually started with skilled workers. Not many factory workers were part of a union. One of the most famous Labor Unions is known as the Knight of Unions and is also when the national labor union was formed in 1866 ( Staff). In 1825 the first all-women’s Union was created ( 1999 almost 75,000 works were unionized in Los…show more content…
What are the disadvantages of a union at management stand point? There are a lot of disadvantages from a management point of view. The main disadvantage is the higher wages. When Employees form a union they are doing it for a specific reason I think one of those reasons may be to raise their wages. This can cause some economic problems with the company. Also, strikes could be a disadvantage if a union is not happy or satisfied they may go on strike causing a shutdown in the company; which could cause lack of money. More lawsuits are another disadvantage because say the company breaks a rule that has been made in an agreement with the union that employee can issue a lawsuit with the union behind them (Edmunds). Northwestern University athletes now have the right to form a union. How did this come about and why was it necessary? Northwestern University wants to have a union because there are some demands in which they feel the NCAA deserves to give them. All of these demands are reasonable. The demands are they want full tuition scholarships and they want the right to their name, and likeliness. They also want health and education benefits. They want some regulation on if someone were to get hurt and not be able to play they want that athlete to still be able to receive the scholarship to attend school. They want the NCAA to pay for their injuries and cost of injury. They want more

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