The History of the Modern Piano

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The History of the Modern Piano Pianos have been around for about three millenniums, and have been redesigned hundreds- if not thousands of times! What has kept this instrument, this form of expressing deep feeling, so entwined with its owner and all those who hear it? The piano has been around for such a lengthy period of time that it is described to have an epoch, or an age, which represents its climb into fame and ends just before the current ‘depression’ it’s going through. This is known as, “The Age of the Piano” (Bellis, About). There are many types of pianos that can be divided into groups. The spinet piano, the console piano, and the studio piano are a few examples of these. These are called vertical pianos, because they focus…show more content…
His first attempt, in 1720, was successful, in the goals he was trying to accomplish, but the music was soft and the keys were too hard to push down. We still adopt his system of 88 piano keys to create music. Some of his original pianos still exist today in the world. There are currently ten that are still kept in museums (Natural History, 5). The piano was first designed without a strong system of ‘plucking’ the strings. This initially made the first couple attempts a failure, but some German inventors got together and developed a better system of making intricate sounds (with deep and light feeling) with hammers (The Piano, 6). These depths allowed for the expression of romanticism and emotion. The piano was invented, because the harpsichord was unable of creating depths (Bellis, About). It was made because of a want or need for music and feeling. Pianos, today, are still used in creating music and beats which are enjoyed by the people who listen to these sounds. The piano has been a part of creating, playing, and enjoying music for a long time, but is losing demand. People have been trying to come up with different methods of creating sound, of playing sound, and of listening to these two ingredients of sound mixed together to create a
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