The History of the Ottoman Empire Essay

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A man with a nickname of “Kara” meaning black in modern Turkish was the father of the Ottoman Empire during the thirteenth century. Osman Ghazi Khan or Othman I El-Gazi, who was the father of the Ottoman Empire, was born in 1258 in the town of Soğut. Ertugrul Gazi was his father and Hayme Sultan was his mother. Osman I was an intelligent leader. He was a fair man, brave, courageous and occasionally helped the poor people. He even gave his own clothes to the poor people. He prepared lavish meal to everyone in his house. He had two wives; Mal Hatun, Rabi'a Bala Hatun and he had eight sons; Pazarli, Coban, Hamit, Orhan, Ala-ed-din, Ali, Melik, Savci and a daughter; Fatma Sultan from both wives. [ ]
The beginning of the Ottoman Empire goes back to the history of a tribe in the principalities known as Söğütö near Sakarya river valley. The leader of this tribe was Ertuğrul after his death in 1281, on of his three sons, Osman I, took his place and after a short period. As the decline of the Byzantine Empire, Osman I declared himself to be the first Sultan of the Ottoman Empire that lasted for more than six centuries in 1299.
During the early 1300s, Osman I captured a significant city in Anatolia, Yenişehir, which later became the first Ottoman capital[ ]. Osman I, first established a small empire, which he called “Memalik Osomaniye,” or “the

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