The Hitchhikers Guild Of The Galaxy

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The Hitchhikers Guild to The Galaxy follows Arthur Dent, an earthling, paired with his alien friend Ford Prefect. The two manages to escape the earth before it is demolished to build an intergalactic freeway and set upon their journey. Hitching a ride on a Vogon spaceship the two start their adventure. Unfortunately, the Vogons don 't like hitchhikers, so Arthur and Ford get thrown out of the spaceship to die in the cold void of interstellar space, where not even Starbucks exists. Meanwhile, Ford 's semi-cousin Zaphod Beeblebrox and his human companion Trillian steal the Heart of Gold spaceship, which has an amazing engine that can do all sorts of improbable things, such as get through LA without dealing with traffic. Also on the spaceship…show more content…
Where both films suggest that the Hero’s act upon their own freewill; true freewill does not exist but is a synthesis constructed by the ego of their companion character. This creates justifications for any crime or action taken by the Hero characters as they act in “the name of justice” and believe they are acting freely.
Both the Hitchhikers Guild to The Galaxy and The Matrix has Myth Criticism complexes in nature. They follow a hero that must fulfill a quest to discover himself and woo a female interest. In either case the universality of their stories are evident as they are conflicted by the same dilemmas.
Carl Jung suggests that regardless of culture or historical period a part of the human mind contains a collective unconscious shared by all members of the human species, a sort of universal, primal memory. Myth Criticism considers this within its teachings by explaining that all stories follow a universal trend called the Hero Cycle. Within this cycle the hero of the story follows each of the steps to fulfilling his/her task. Along with the Hero Cycle, Myth Criticism explains there are archetypes found in each piece of literature or art that are universal in nature. Overall, it is found that the Myth Criticism base is used frequently as we as humans find solace in the comforts of the Cycle, as it is familiar to us. In The Hitchhikers Guild to The Galaxy, the Hero is portrayed as Arthur Dent. He is set into this role at the

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