The Hiv / Aids Virus

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Diseases and their correlating outbreaks has been a factor of humankind since our debut on the world stage millions of years ago. When you look in depth at the death rates several common factors appear: wars, genocide, famines, weather and epidemics. While countless cultures and their people have continued to evolve over the century’s human nature and the epidemics stay the same and has even gotten much worse. Looking in depth you can find many great epidemics that have dominated over the years and taken out many people ranging from the black plague to Tuberculosis to the latest disease Ebola . However while Ebola gets all the notoriety and publicity there are several other epidemics are still around having a much more prolonged impact. One of these has been around for decades and at one point in time causes as much fear and panic as Ebola does now: the HIV/AIDS virus.

The HIV/AIDS virus is a powerhouse in many ways and forms. Over time there have been so few epidemics that both manage to create instant fear/ignorance in a culture as well it’s ability to spread around the world. The virus shows no favoritism as it can infect any person it can come into contact with regardless of sex, lifestyle, or skin color. A growing factor in its journey from a once simple virus to powerhouse epidemic relates to a value commonly found in culture: poverty.

Poverty itself is very much like the AIDS virus it does not discriminate. It can occur here in the United States…
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