The Hiv / Aids Virus

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Identify the Problem

Mr. B has confided that he has been diagnosed with the HIV/AIDS virus. His diagnosis has caused both his physical and mental health to suffer. Mr. B has been engaging in sexual activity with several partners who were all unaware of his diagnosis, he has intentionally kept this from them and has no plans to inform them. He has chosen not to tell his partners about his HIV/AIDS status which means he is purposefully putting others at risk for contracting this disease. His reasons for not informing his sexual partners include the fact that he does not want to be treated differently by his family and friends, Mr. B 's concerns are understandable that he would want to keep his health information private however, Mr. B is endangering others due to his selfish reason which is not justifiable. Mr. B also has shared that he is in a relationship with a new partner and has decided to become intimate with her sexually. Mr. B 's new partner is unaware of his diagnosis. Mr. B has expressed his anger if his partner should ever find out about his HIV and can 't stand the thought of losing her because of it. Mr. Expressed that he would kill her and himself if she should find out. Mr. B shares that he owns firearms and would use it if his status was to ever be found out by family and friends.
ACA Code of Ethics

Section A

A.1.a. The primary responsibility of the counselor is to respect the dignity and promote the welfare of clients. ( despite the clients…
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