The Hiv / Aids Virus

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Identify the Problem

Mr. B has confided that he has been diagnosed with the HIV/AIDS virus. His diagnosis has caused both his physical and mental health to suffer. Mr. B has been engaging in sexual activity with several partners who were all unaware of his diagnosis, he has intentionally kept this from them and has no plans to inform them. He has chosen not to tell his partners about his HIV/AIDS status which means he is purposefully putting others at risk for contracting this disease. His reasons for not informing his sexual partners include the fact that he does not want to be treated differently by his family and friends, Mr. B 's concerns are understandable that he would want to keep his health information private however, Mr.
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(This applies in the sense of how the counselor obtained the information from Mr. B)

B.1.c. Counselors should not disclose confidential information of their client unless they have sound legal or ethical justification. As counselors, we value our client 's privacy and their right to confidentiality in what they tell us. ( If this is violated clients would never feel comfortable sharing any personal information with their counselors. In Mr. B 's case there is an ethical and legal justification to report Mr. B 's threat to society and towards his girlfriend. B.1.d Counselors are to communicate the limitationsof confidentiality to their clients, which

includes if someone intends to harm themselves or others. Mr. B has made it clear that he intends to

continue having unprotected sex and more recently with his new girlfriend who has yet to be infected, he

expressed that he will continue to deliberately conceal his diagnosis from his girlfriend and if she should

find out he has threatened t to kill her if she were to discover it. We are ethically and legally mandated to

report this behavior.

B.2.a Confidentiality should be breached if the counselor believes the client will bring harm upon themselves or others. (The counselor would be obligated to break confidentiality in order to warn the
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