The Hiv And Aids Disease Is A Major Worldwide Ongoing Health

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The HIV and AIDS disease is a major worldwide ongoing health epidemic. Which affects millions of people of all ages each year. HIV or the Human Immunodifency Virus has been speculated to have come from chimpanzees due to the similarities of the SIV virus found in the animal. SIV or the Simian Immunodeficiency virus is a virus that attacks the immune system of monkeys and apes. While HIV attacks the immune system of humans. The region of origin of the virus is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is where chimpanzees were being hunted and eaten by the people living in the area (HIV…). After thorough research of the connection between SIV and HIV, it has been confirmed that a strain of the SIV in a chimpanzee is almost identical to…show more content…
According to Advert, significant progress in the last decade and increased national response have stemmed the epidemic across the country as well as increasing the quality of life for people living with HIV. The HIV epidemic in China is classified as having a low national prevalence with certain regions having higher and more severe HIV prevalence rates. The country faces challenges of providing more targeted prevention programs to certain risk groups such as drug users and the younger population. Even with the increase of awareness of HIV, China still faces challenges with slow progression of treatment, care, and support. According to Advert, in 2014 about 21 thousand people in China have died from AIDS-related causes. Also people living with HIV experience high levels of discrimination.
China’s HIV and AIDS epidemic has mainly affected the drug users in the country due to sharing infected needles but now the increase of sexual transmission of HIV causes great concern for China. The main target of sexual transmission is women. The women in China are at a higher risk than men because they are more vulnerable due to lack of education or have no access to treatment centers. Since China is a heavily populated country, the virus is likely to spread at a faster rate. Migration, sex work, and the education deficit are some social factors of Chinese women’s vulnerability (Thompson). Social changes in China have

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