The Hmong Culture : A Community Is Defined As A Group Of People

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A community is defined as a group of people that live in the same place and share the same characteristics and behaviors. David Hackett Fischer in his book states that many different characteristics make up a community and make them unique from other communities. Many different components go into making a community and defining a particular groups behaviors and ways of life. These traditional behaviors and ways of life are known as folkways. Folkways include but are not limited to: family ways, marriage ways, work ways and power ways. The Hmong culture demonstrates how important folkways are and how each folkway helps to develop the community’s culture. The Hmong are a group of people who have been around for many years. According to…show more content…
The Hmong did not believe in the views of the governments who controlled them. In China, Laos and Vietnam all of the governments were communists and run by a single group of people in power. Patti Zarling noted that when the United States pulled out Vietnam, Hmong people who sided with the United States were killed by the Laotian, which is a communist regime in Vietnam (Zarling 1). Not only were the Hmong’s killed during this time, the government wanted to make sure that they were punished for their disloyalty. According to Zarling’s article, "many were killed, women were raped, many were tortured and left slowly to die" (Zarling). The Hmong fought alongside the United States because they did not believe in the way the government ran Vietnam, and wanted to live life more freely. The Hmong people were terrified of their own governments. They feared retaliation and punishment for siding with the United States during the Vietnam War. One veteran of the war stated that he still had family hiding in the trees of Laos as recently as 2010. Kia Mai Vang 's, who was interviewed by Nancy Pasternack, said her mother remembers her "grandfather carrying her for a month through the forest" to escape punishment from the Vietnamese government after the war (Pasternack 2). The struggle for the Hmong’s after the Vietnam War was dreadful. They were left to survive in a country they just fought against, with no alliances to help.
The Hmong’s are an independent group that
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