The Hobbit : A Short Story

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The Hobbit: A Short Story

My class and I have just recently watched ¨The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey,¨ By Peter Jackson. This film was a screen adaptation of the book by J.R. R. Tolkien. In my opinion, I really liked the film. The genre of the movie is fantasy as the genre for the book in fiction. The film is a little gory, but has a lot of good scenes, the language isn 't bad. I do not recommend letting little kids watch this film. All in all it was a good film. The Plot in this story is in Middle-Earth. You have Bilbo Baggins, who lives in a shire. He is asked by Gandalf, who is a wizard if he would like to go on a journey, Bilbo kindly denies. Later on, 12 dwarfs come and get him to come on their journey with them. Thorin Oakenshield is the grandson of the king who ended up getting ran out by a dragon. He is a little bit over confident in his ability and often finding himself in a life or death situation. At first they think Bilbo is one of them, they soon find out that he is clumsy and not as brave as the rest of them. They are often getting furious at him and scold him, but they finally see the true side in Bilbo in which he is willing to risk his own life for someone else 's. They soon see the excellence in him and as he helps to saves their lives, they bring him in. They get seized by goblins and Bilbo falls into a hole, While in the hole Bilbo meets a well….. somewhat friend. His name is Gollum. Gollum is a mystical creature who bores the ring. When Bilbo finds…

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