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In the novel, The Hobbit, the author J.R.R. Tolkien, suggests when an individual pushes themselves to explore risk-taking, they take the opportunity to grow within themselves, and test the extent of their newfound values, which result in the character fostering a stronger sense of self-identity.

Accepting the opportunity to experience risk allows the individual to push themselves, despite the possibility of danger towards oneself. In the Hobbit, the character Bilbo demonstrates risk-taking most clearly when he attempts to steal a troll’s wallet after the dwarves ordered him to investigate a strange light coming from within the forest (pg. 35). Bilbo concludes that he must prove himself to the dwarves. To show his capability as a burglar,
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When Bilbo feels pity for Gollum, and decides not to kill him, he takes risks, as leaping over Gollum may fail, causing Bilbo to fall prey to Gollum. In this situation, Bilbo pushes himself to spare Gollum and make daring decisions, where Bilbo is not aware of the consequences. Therefore Bilbo signifies risk-taking when sparing Gollum, despite the unpredictable consequences that result from his decisions. Lastly, Bilbo demonstrates pushing himself to take risks, despite the danger, is during when Bilbo is chosen to survey inside the Lonely Mountain, Smaug's citadel (pg. 198-201). Bilbo understands that he must uphold his position as a burglar, and be the first to enter the Lonely Mountain, where Smaug inhabits. When Bilbo enters Smaug’s lair, is a primary example of Bilbo’s risk-taking, despite the prominent danger. Bilbo exploring Smaug's stronghold is the climax of danger during The Hobbit. During this situation, Bilbo pushes himself greatly, to explore inside the Lonely Mountain, in order to manifest his capability as a burglar, Bilbo surpasses his ability to take risks and discovers the extent of his risk-taking abilities. He ultimately finds greater courage within himself, as a result of pushing himself to take risks. Bilbo knows of Smaug, who represents the great danger within the mountains. He takes this opportunity to exceed his risk-taking skills. Therefore Bilbo takes risks by upholding his burglar responsibilities, despite facing the

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