The Hobbit: Book vs. Movie

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In fact, it has been made into a three part movie series, two of which have already been released. The two movies that have been released will be what I am covering in this report. Although the movies are a beautiful remake of the original book, there a quite a few distinct differences between the two. These differences can be very simple: like the fact that Gollum only has six teeth in the book and nine in the movie, or very complex: like the fact that whole new characters were added to the movie that were not originally in the book. The elves Legolas, Tauriel, and Galadriel played very prominent roles in the book in helping the dwarves and hobbit on their journey, yet they ceased to exist in the original text. Another substantial difference between the book and movies is that in the book, the dwarves and hobbit weren’t aware of Smaug leaving (or being killed for that matter) until they were alerted of this news by the crows. However, in the movie, a pretty large battle took place between the dwarves and Smaug. As far as smaller differences go, in the book the keyhole to get into Smaug’s chamber was lit by the sunset, whereas in the movie the keyhole was lit by the light of the moon; the movie showed Bard’s children and the book didn’t; and in the book it talks of Gandalf throwing pinecones lit with fires of many color, but in the book they were all one color; and the movie featured an attack…

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