The Hobbit By J. R. Tolkien

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People like stories that contain much action and adventure. Such stories are real exciting and fun to read. The Hobbit By J. R. Tolkien is able to convey a great story through its characters, thematic elements, and literary features. There is something however, that is able to have a major effect on a story. That is supernatural events. These events are something within a story that the common audience would not firstly expect to occur. It is of these happenings that make a story that little more interesting and fun to read, as these events are able to change a story majorly. Supernatural events are able to be associated with numerous things in stories. Such events that are out of the ordinary are to leave readers in wonder why it happened. Also, how such event occurred can be of question too. In The Hobbit, there is a character who is a prime cause of some of the supernatural events that occur in the story. That character is Gandalf, a friendly wizard who's magic powers is able to help the dwarves. In Chapter 6 of the Hobbit, there was a disturbance in the Misty Mountains forest area. This area is usually peaceful. "What is this uproar in the forest tonight?" Said the lord of eagles (Tolkien, 96). Surely, something awry was likely to occur. And of course, the suspicions of something going on in the area were correct. The goblins then encircled all the dwarves and the forest caught fire. All except Gandalf were trapped. It was up to Gandalf to save the dwarves. Gandalf,
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