The Hobbit Character Analysis

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The Hobbit is a fantasy novel by J.R.R Tolkien. The main character in The Hobbit is a little hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. Unlike me, Bilbo Baggins hates adventures. When a wizard, Gandalf, approaches Bilbo about going on a grand adventure, Bilbo says no. However, Gandalf, with much effort, persuades Bilbo into going on a journey. Similarly, I was very hesitant when my mother approached me about visiting my step-sister in Abilene, Texas. Normally, I love to go on a trip, but this time my mother said we were not traveling by car. We were flying to Texas. The thought of flying made me very nervous. Bilbo and I were giving an opportunity to experience something new and it made us very anxious; however, we both learned that we can have a…show more content…
I was exposed to new foods like deep fried butter. It did not taste very good. However, I had enough good food to keep my satisfied and I did not dream about bacon like Bilbo did. The geography of Texas is very flat and sparse. Tumbleweed blows across the dirt covered ground. Roadrunners are seen moving quickly across the ground. The trees are not very tall. In his adventure, Bilbo saw living beings, elves, goblins, trolls, and a dragon, he had never seen before. Also, he discovered new environments: mountains, caves, Laketown, and Mirkwood Forest. Unlike my trip, his scenery changed greatly from day to day.
My journey to Texas and Bilbo’s journey to defeat Smaug were both unforgettable and full of surprises. Bilbo often dreamed of the comforts of home because he was faced with hungry, bad weather, and being attacked by creatures, Gollum, spiders, and Smaug. Unlike Bilbo’s journey, my experiences were all very pleasant; even though I did not think they would be. I did not expect flying in a plane was going to be as smooth as it was. I did not expect going to the Book Depository would intrigue me and make me wonder did Lee Harvey Oswald really kill John F. Kennedy. I didn’t expect eating a steak in Texas to be any different than in Virginia; however, the meat was juicier and tasted better. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would learn how a rattlesnake was milked. Bilbo did not I was only in Texas four days, but I learned so much

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