The Hobbit Life Lessons

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What can a story teach us about life? Some stories are considered to distract us from reality and bring us into a world of freedom. The Hobbit, by J.R.R Tolkien is thought by some to be a piece of literature that is represented as an escapist story. But yet, the novel teaches the reader many valuable life lessons that can benefit our personal lives. Many of the characters go through changes in the story that end up changing the way they look at life, the characters themselves create emotional distress among each other and how the individual self actions change who they are. The Hobbit isn't just a fantasy story for fun, it teaches us the morals of life and interactions with people.
The things that happen around you can change the way you
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Persuasion. Persuasion is the key to getting to where you need to go or what you need. Bilbo uses it to free himself from golem when he was in the cave. Not only does he use persuasion he uses his guts. Bilbo goes against what he has always believed in for the good of others and mainly himself. When the dwarves got taken by the spiders and Bilbo freed them he made a bold move all by himself. Tolkien is trying to tell us that in life you need to go with your gut and do what needs to be done. Bilbo didnt have to save them but he did. If your friends were trapped in a spider web would you go help them? Of course you would. The message is that you can't be afraid to do things because if you don't you will regret it.
The hobbit is a story about adventure and bravery. Bilbo experiences many things that changes his life.Many of the characters go through changes in the story that end up changing the way they look at life just when Bilbo was given the opportunity to go on the quest and he did. The characters themselves create emotional distress just like when Thorin died. The most important thing that happened was the character's own choice. The hobbit just isn't a fantasy that means nothing, it is a story that divines what a person should be. Bilbo acts strong with all of hurdles that he endures and that what life's
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