The Hobbit Reflection

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The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien is in my opinion the greatest adventure novel ever written. This strong positive reaction is garnered from my own personal experiences and the beautiful artistry of the book itself. A rainbow of characters blended together into an epic of intrigue, greed, bravery and camaraderie never fails to excite me. The main character, Bilbo, is expertly introduced and portrayed as your everyday peace-loving, humble person who is suddenly thrust into a life changing journey. The foreign, scary and unbecoming dwarves whisk Bilbo away as their personal burglar to reclaim the lost treasure of their forefathers which is currently held by a fearsome dragon. After many long adventures and one ultimate confrontation, the journey is at an end, but those who participated will never be the same. I identify with this novel based on the themes it depicts that relate to my life. The Hobbit is a book that deftly demonstrates dynamic friendships, shows a heroic competitive nature and provides an invigorating adventure that rarely has a dull moment. All people deal with friends and the complexities of managing relationships between acquaintances. I highly value my friends and have always tried to maintain and grow my bonds with people that I like being around. However, this is not always easy. Bilbo has this same issue as me, as he experiences ever-changing connections with the dwarves in his party. I had a comparable experience in my junior year of high school, in

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