The Hockey Players Of Gretzky

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From the moment Wayne Gretzky strapped on his first pair of skates at the age of two, he has been known as one of the best players ever to play in the National Hockey League and is known worldwide. Like many other professional hockey players, Gretzky was born in Canada, Ontario, Canada on January 26, 1961. At six years old, he was already playing hockey with older kids and when he played in peewee, he dominated. His final year of peewee, he scored an astonishing 378 goals. As Gretzky grew up, he continued to train and become one of the best in Canada for his age and also one of the best worldwide. After finishing his last season in mediocre competition, he was eventually drafted 3rd overall into the Ontario Major Junior Hockey League in 1977 at sixteen years old. Wayne Gretzky is one of the best well known hockey players all time and that can be proved by the stats and records: goals, assists, points, etcetera. Along with being one of the best hockey players all time, he was just as good of a person off the ice, but he does not get nearly enough credit. Wayne Gretzky played two seasons in the OHA (Ontario Hockey Association), a junior hockey league, two seasons in the WHA (World Hockey Association) before merging with the NHL and then played twenty seasons in the NHL (National Hockey League) on four different teams: the Edmonton Oilers, the Los Angeles Kings, the St. Louis Blues, and the New York Rangers. Throughout Gretzky’s career, he played 1,487 regular…
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