The Hoggins Alternate Ending

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The Hoggins were the kind very fond of adventures. They lived in a small town, called Leaz-vile, in their miniature nest. Now, Chumper Hoggins was the very curious type of owl. He lived with his mother, Anarople, and father, Gregriy. He had no siblings, but he really did wish he had a sister or brother. This owl family was very different, they could turn into humans when they hit land. They could also shoot fire from their talons. Aside from all that, there was a store not far from their little nest.
“Wake up Chumper, we have to hurry and get to the store’s sale before anyone else gets there,” exclaimed Anarople.
“Really mom, it's 6 a.m.!” complained Chumper. “Yes of course we do, it's the one and only sale of the year,” said Anarople.
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When they finally got to the source of the sound, they found that it led to a door in a mountain.
“ Look, it has the small star in the bottom right corner!” said Chumper.
“Wow, you’re right! This must be the door the wise bird was talking about,” exclaimed Anarople. They couldn’t figure out how to open the door because it didn’t have a handle, but they finally figured it out by using Chumpers magical flame. While they were trying to open the door, they heard even more singing that had the same lyrics, but sounded even closer. It went like this:
Scurry, Scurry, Scurry
Hurry, Hurry, Hurry
We need to get to the door
Before it gets too blurry. Once they got in the mountain Anarople and Gregiry were captured by the Shelob’s, who were the goblins guards, and taken to a cell in which they were placed in captivity. While the Shelob’s took away Anarople and Gregiry, Chumper transformed into an owl and flew off very quickly. A few hours later Chumper flew down to the cells to see if the Shelobs were looking. Sure enough they were fast asleep. Then, Chumper flew down, unlocked their cells, and then the three all flew back off to explore the Mountain. They flew around for about two hours until finally they came across Groug the Goblin's
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“Nice job son!” said Anarople and Gregiry in unison. After they completed the task of killing Groug the Goblin they set off in his lair to go find the wings. After of about two days of looking they came across a very dark room in the bottom of the mountain. They investigated this cave and sure enough about one hour later they came across the ancient golden and diamond wings of an owl. “Finally, we found the wings after so much hard work!” exclaimed Chumper. “Yes we did, and you did a lot to help,” said Anarople.
After they found the wings they knew they needed to get them back to the bird as soon as possible. They hurriedly made a run for it out of the mountain, just in case any Shelobs were leftover. They jumped right back into owl form, then flew out of the small crack in the door. “I can’t believe we just achieved that goal!” said Gregiry. “I also can’t believe that we are already on our way home!” exclaimed Chumper.
They talked and talked for while until they noticed that they were flying over the ocean that Tider had lived in. “Look, were already crossing the Sea of Rhun,” said Chumper. “I know, I’m so excited to be back in our homely nest,” said

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