The Holistic Approach of Qi Exercise for Healthy Pregnant Women

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The Holistic Approach of Qi Exercise for Healthy Pregnant Women
Definition and Description Qi exercise is a holistic, traditional Chinese form of therapy that consists of a sequence of postures, breathing awareness, and meditation (Ji & Han, 2010). By practicing Qi exercise, Ji and Han (2010) state that one may be able to achieve improvement in physical strength and endurance, the ability to stay relaxed, and the mind’s sense of concentration and relaxation. It may be used as a gentle exercise intervention for women during their pregnancy (Ji & Han, 2010). According to Ji and Han (2010), Qi exercise is considered safe and may be beneficial to mothers of healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies through the enhancement of maternal-fetal
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Nursing Research This quantitative study used a prospective, two-group, quasi-experimental, pretest-post test design to explore the effects of Qi exercise on the interaction between the mother and fetus and maternal well-being (Ji & Han, 2010). The researchers Ji and Han (2010) recruited a convenience sample of 80 women from a women's health clinic and a wellness center located in Seoul, Korea. The inclusion criteria involved a gestational age of more than 18 weeks, an age between 18 and 35, and an absence of any health conditions that may contraindicate the performance of Qi exercise, such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, abnormal bleeding, and preeclampsia (Ji & Han, 2010). At first, Ji and Han (2010) assigned 40 women from the health clinic to the usual care group and the other 40 women from the wellness center to the intervention group. However, the final sample size went down to a total of 70 women, due to losing three from the usual care group and seven from the intervention group for reasons of changing minds and attendance issues (Ji & Han, 2010). For this study, Ji and Han (2010) initiated the method of data collection through face-to-face interviews by a trained research member, aiming to obtain each woman’s sociodemographic and medical history, maternal-fetal interaction, and the mother's

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