The Holistic Approach to Agile Information Systems

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The Holistic Approach of Agile Information Systems When expressing the holistic approach of agile information systems applied to business, it becomes imperative that one addresses the specific framework toward the approach. Although, holistic in theory the specific framework for strategy itself must break down into independent strategies and examined as an ongoing whole. Take the company for example, their information system strategy combines the independent strategies of the framework however, they independently transpire and flow from one to another through a process of ever-changing information collaboration. In the year 2000, chose to provide this service to customers, which included a network of retailers…show more content…
The Holistic Conclusion Now understanding the exploitation and exploration strategies as separate equals the combination of the two as an ever-evolving and ongoing process enlightens the analyst on the company’s strategic information systems framework. This simply occurs through’s incorporation of their process of constant knowledge acquisition and evaluation that allows the company to continually change their management strategy toward a more successful outcome regarding potential endeavors. Currently, their focus is technological innovation, which allows their customers to find a wider variety of the products they want, more conveniently, and at lower prices. This progression from website to e-commerce associate to a comprehensive platform for software development solidifies the overall agility of the company’s information system which has become an essential part of the company’s disposition (, 2011). Although, this approach may provide success for years to come, the company is ultimately willing to undergo whatever metamorphosis is required to maintain the intended user of their information systems an optimum answer toward better service as their overriding goal. According to, “e-commerce is still in its infancy. In the years to come, you'll see Amazon create new technologies, expand into more geographies and continue to improve the lives of shoppers and sellers around the world” (,
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