The Holistic Nursing Interventions Audrey Smith

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Introduction This assignment shall focus on a patient called Audrey Smith, a 75 year old lady who has been transferred to the ward from the emergency department with a fractured neck of femur, small haematoma to the left forehead, soft tissue injury and bruising to the left shoulder following a fall at home involving her dog. On admission to the ward at 14.00 hours, Audrey has an intravenous transfusion in progress, an indwelling catheter insitu, she is alert and orientated to time and place and is responsive with a GCS of 14. The plan is for Audrey to go to theatre for arthroplasty of left hip at 17.00 hours. She is nil by mouth and requires hourly neurological observations. The author shall discuss the holistic nursing interventions Audrey shall receive to ensure she is safe, her hygiene and comfort, elimination and nutritional needs are met. Safety Communication skills are important when meeting the patient for the first time on arrival to the ward. Introducing oneself to Audrey will put her at ease and help to reduce anxiety. Confirming Audrey’s identity and checking the wrist band is in place. A thorough handover using ISBAR allows information to be exchanged with the regards to the plan of care. (Pudner, 2010). Drug allergies must be clearly documented on Audrey’s medical notes and medication chart and a red wrist band applied to highlight Audrey’s allergy to Bactrim (Perry & Potter, 2010) to ensure she is not prescribed this drug. Vital signs such as blood

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