The Hollow Men Analysis

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T.S. Eliot is the greatest poet of the modernism era. Every piece of poetry he published was highly critiqued and at first not excepted. In the later days of his work as a poet he became more and more appreciated. It is very rare that the works of a poet will be so long lasting that they stay for such an extended period of time. The works by Eliot are often referred to as revolutionary. James Meredith, a biographer wrote about Eliot explaining, “Never compromising either with the public or indeed with language itself, he has followed his belief that poetry should aim at a representation of the complexities of modern civilization in language and that such representation necessarily leads to difficult poetry.” The Hollow Men written by T.S. Eliot it explains three different messages including the fact that everyone is empty and full at the same time, people no longer have religion, and people see the words but don’t appreciate the meaning. The Hollow Men, T.S. explains the message of being full and empty at the same time. When a person says they are empty it most often means that they are depressed or unhappy with life although they may have all the things in the world. For example a millionaire can buy all the things in the world they would like, but still may not be truly happy. Happiness come from experiencing things with loved ones. Jeff Haden, a psychological professor explains, “Several studies have found that time spent with friends and family makes a big difference
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