The, Holloway, And The Believer ' Shaw '

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Prometheus begins with Two archaeologists, the skeptic ‘Holloway’ and the believer ‘Shaw’. These two are seen to be excavating on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. In a cave they discover paleolithic art illustrating a star map an ancient alien civilization. It’s clear from Shaw and Holloway 's reactions that this mysterious painting is what the archaeologists were searching for. Once the painting is identified they do an in depth pattern-recognition search of images from other sites and discover global evidence of paleocontact. Soon Shaw and Holloway are sent on a "undisclosed" mission with a group of explorers. After flying at light speed to a planet trillions of miles away from Earth the group of explorers discover a spot they believe to be signs of civilization. After a brief moment of investigating they find conclusive evidence. Nevertheless, many of these explorers have ulterior motive for being there, one mainly being the Weyland Corporation. The Weyland corporation believes that this sight is where the human race actually came from. Discovery soon turns to a fight for there life once they are discovered. Prometheus although it was filled with many thrilling scenes it has many errors in its plot line pertaining to there archeological practices. First judging off of the first scene Shaw and Holloway have been digging randomly around the earth to try to find evidence that supports there ancient alien hypothesis. Also assumptions should be completely eliminated from an

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